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An experienced general editor with a core specialty in academia.

  • Substantive/structural/stylistic editing
  • Desktop publishing
  • Developmental/project editing 
  • Website editing
  • Copy editing and proof reading
References are available upon request


  • 16 years of professional editing experience with a wide range of materials
  • BA with honours
  • Master's degree
  • numerous editing courses 
  • organizational skills
  • keen eye for detail and for cost-effective publishing strategies


This site also includes:

Interesting/whimsical facets of editing and the English language in About Editing, information about ways to reduce publishing/printing costs in Why Choose This Editor, and more information about my approach to editing (beyond lists of previous projects that are included in a general overview of my background/experience in the following areas)

  • Academic Editing
  • General Editing
  • Project Management

Please email  or give me a call to discuss the reasons you need an editor and how I can help transform your material so it is clear, concise, and appropriate for your target audience. All conversations will be held in the strictest confidence.

Clients'  Comments

"JoAnn's editing improved my doctoral thesis considerably. I thought my own writing was quite acceptable but JoAnn made my sentences unmistakably clear and fluently readable. It absolutely improved the quality and the tone of my work. She quickly grasped my intended meaning and fixed many small errors of punctuation and grammar. Her services were timely and professional, too. I would highly recommend JoAnn for academic editing. You will be pleased with the result."

"Thanks so much for smoothing out our work and making it sound impressive."

"We were very pleased with the revised funding proposal and think you did an excellent job…it was a huge help to us."