Estimates: Once we have discussed your project and timelines in confidence, I will do a preliminary edit on a few sample pages, timing it carefully in fifteen minute increments. I then extrapolate the time required to complete it to the actual size of the document to determine an estimated range of hours that is close to the actual cost. The final invoice will, with rare exceptions, fall within 10% of that range (we will have discussed any issue that might affect the estimate; your final invoice will not include unanticipated costs).

Though average times can be approximated based on experience with similar projects, editing is not an exact science, and there can be quite a range of required work. Thus, though I understand that a flat rate is sometimes required for budgeting purposes, per-page rates can result in one of two scenarios;

  •      the editor is not paid for work done, or
  •      the client pays for work that was not done.

Thus, my preference is to supply an estimate based on a range of hours expected to complete the work. If a per-page rate is required, it will be negotiated based on the sample supplied (see the usual ranges below).