I’ve divided examples of the kinds of editing I’ve done into three broad categories. There is some overlap among them, but generally, previous work can be classified as either Academic Editing, General Editing, or Project Management. This is a representative, not an exhaustive, list. Please contact me for references or more information.

Academic Editing

Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal/Etudes ethniques au Canada
Senior editor and principal reference, Dr. James Frideres
As the journal’s managing editor from 1996 to 2006, I did a substantive and copy edit of every article published over ten years, wrote and coordinated three successful applications for 3-year-term, SSHRC operating grants in an increasingly competitive environment, trained and oversaw staff, prepared each issue for publication and distribution, generated budgets and reports, and ran the journal office until it was moved to the University of Manitoba. In addition to SSHRC grants, I also developed and implemented a marketing strategy with a grant from the Canadian Magazine Fund that resulted in a broad-based electronic newsletter/website promotion project that doubled the journal’s income over the next two years.

Below are some of the academic projects I worked on in addition to my regular part-time positions at the University of Calgary, first with the journal and then as the production editor for the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, the position I assumed when I left the journal. The substantive, stylistic, and copy edits of the articles published by these research centres formed the foundation of my academic editing experience, but neither position was full-time, thus I was able to branch out to take on the following freelance editing contracts. Budget cuts at the University of Calgary recently shut down the Centre’s publication program, and I now work full-time on a freelance basis.


Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI)
copy edit of newsletter articles, research reports, monographs; various authors, 2005–2007

Centre for Military and Strategic Studies (CMSS) University of Calgary
substantive/copy edit/production of series of collated articles; various authors, 2006–2009

In addition to the articles edited for the journal and the centre, I’ve prepared articles for these professors, among others:
Dr. N. Reza Nakhaie, University of Windsor; 2000–2006
Aneesha Jaisheel, Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai 400053, India; 2007
Dr. Uzo Anucha, School of Social Work, University of Windsor; 2005–2007


Copy edit of “How Do We Best Hear the Voices of Rural Alberta in an Ongoing and Meaningful Way?” 2006
Substantive/copy edit of “Coming to the Table of Mission Statement Based Bargaining: An Incarnational Paradigm” 2008
Substantive/copy edit of “Crime Location Forecasting for Static and Mobile Targets” 2009

Copy edit of Bundali Essays, author J.W.A. Musokwa, for the University of Calgary Press in 2006;
Copy edit of Trade Negotiations in Agriculture, author Annette Hester, for the University of Calgary Press in 2005;
Copy edit of The African Diaspora in Canada, Dr. W. Tetty, published by the University of Calgary Press in 2006;
Substantive/copy edit of Pension Politics: Consensus and Social Conflict in Ageing Societies, Dr. P. Marier, Concordia University (Routledge, 2008)
Substantive and copy edit of Nationalism and Social Policy: The Politics of Territorial Solidarity, Dr. D. Béland, University of Calgary, and Dr. A. Lecours, Concordia University (Oxford University Press, 2008) 

On-line Course:

Development and substantive/copy edit of “Residential Indoor Air Quality Awareness” course, R. Bean (Registered Engineering Technologist; Building Science and Industry Development; Course Developer and Lecturer), 2008 

General Editing

The projects listed below are designed to provide an overall survey of the range of projects/subject matter I have worked with.

Business Reports/Grant Applications:

Rebecca Burwell, BASc, Med, of Burwell Career Consulting; Substantive/copy edit of various project applications and reports, Jan. 2006–present 

Government Contracts/Projects:

Production of “Intersections of Diversity” Special Issue; Department of Canadian Heritage, Jan. 2004
Researched and wrote a comprehensive Literature Review of the Canadian Magazine Industry for the Department of Canadian Heritage; March 2005
Substantive reorganization and copy edit of the Department of Anthropology Undergraduate Handbook, Feb. 1995 [my very first official editing contract]



Development and substantive/copy edit of Zhorna: Material Culture of the Ukrainian Pioneers, Roman Fodchuk (University of Calgary Press, 2007). Zhorna was one of four finalists for the 2008 Kobzar Literary Award which honours writing with Ukrainian-Canadian themes. http://www.quillandquire.com/blog/index.php/2008/03/13/event-photos-scenes-from-keefers-kobzar-win/

How-to Manuals:

Substantive/copy edit of Urban Camping, a self-published how-to manual authored by Peter and Andrea Tombrowski in November of 2005 @ http://www.urbancamping.ca/
Substantive/stylistic/copy edit; Production/promotion of Spiritual Experiences of Meditation: author Hub Gray. Scheduled for publication late in 2009.
A 180-page, non-denominational treatise outlining the author’s experiential spiritual journey/path based on meditative practices. The spiritual and psychological benefits of meditation are its focus.  


Designed, formatted, and wrote articles  for the Southern Alberta Co-op Housing Association (SACHA), 1994–2004 @ http://www.sacha.coop/pdf%20files/Newsletter/March-05%20Flashes.pdf


Design/production/maintenance of author’s promotional site, August 2007 @  http://kingsofthediamond.ca/
Design and production of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal website, 2000–2006 @ http://www.umanitoba.ca/publications/ces/EnMainPage.htm
Substantive/structural/copy edit of Dash2U websites, July 2006 @ http://dash2u.com/corp_info.aspx
Substantive/copy edit of TranZtec website, TranZtec, Inc. November 2005 @ http://www.tranztec.biz/products_cards.html
Site edit and design consultation, December 2005 @ http://www.amovingexperience.ca/

1. Though I was responsible for designing and formatting these sites, in some cases they have not been maintained; the Internet is a fast-moving medium.

Project Management

I have significant management experience and a demonstrated ability to organize and implement projects from conception through promotion, on time and within budget, whether it be a series of themed publications (Occasional Papers series for the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies/not available on-line); creating, posting, and maintaining an editing client’s website; designing and administering member programs for 1400 housing units; or acting as conference coordinator for three medium-sized conferences (Southern Alberta Co-op Housing Association in 1996, Canadian Ethnic Studies Association’s 17th biennial conference at the Banff Centre in 2003, Editor’s Association of Canada conference in Calgary in 2005).

I’ve also had the pleasure of developing and teaching a few general interest Continuing Education classes in the early 1990s, in addition to credit courses at the University of Calgary (spring/summer and regular session courses) from 1992 through 1998. Then I taught my first class with 400-plus students, an experience that brought my pedagogical career to an immediate end.