Why Choose This Editor?

Fifteen years of experience equals proficiency in almost any type of editing you need help with. Though I specialize in scholastic materials (it’s where my career began, and I still do more academic work than any other kind), I’ve also worked as a free-lance, contract editor for twelve years on a wide range of projects – websites to business proposals to novels, and much in-between. I can take your materials from a rough draft stage, through substantive and then copy editing, then the printing/posting process, and finally, to promotion or submission, or any part thereof. Whether it needs a complete substantive overhaul and reorganization or a simpler copy edit, let me help present your material as effectively as possible so it conveys your meaning clearly and succinctly.

Additional Services

Reduce Costs: Over the years, I have built up relationships with printers and am able to access the lowest price possible for a publication of the highest quality. I can reduce the number of pages without impacting the look or quality of the finished project (and fewer pages equals lower prices). I know which printers offer discounts for various features, and can guide you regarding how to access that lower pricing. I can also help you choose the fonts and the paper used, help you determine when it makes sense to pay more (or not) for a hard cover version, guide you to reasonably priced, personalized cover and text design services, etc.

Guidance: If you need help understanding the publishing process and want someone to guide you through it as you make these important choices, I can spare you the stress of doing it yourself. I am confident you will be pleased with the result.

Promotion: I can help you maintain an inexpensive website that maximizes Internet exposure (using search engine optimization), and I offer low-cost web-hosting as a service to the authors I work with. Please note that promotion is not my specialty. I am principally an editor, but I offer these basic promotional activities so you can “test the waters,” so to speak, at a reasonable cost.